Why Should You Buy Colour Changing Downlight?

Colour Changing Downlight

Why Should You Buy Colour Changing Downlight?

Unlike traditional luminaires, which are relatively far from the ceiling, colour changing downlight is designed to sit inside the ceiling so that only the front is visible. A typical ceiling luminaire consists of forced steel or cast aluminium lamp holders with a decorative cover. During installation, the ceiling luminaire is inserted into a suitably large hole, where it is placed using springs or compression clips, depending on the type of luminaire purchased.

The physical size and brightness of downlightsvary widely, from small decorative models with over 50 mm to large commercial units with a diameter of approximately 160 mm or more.

Downlights offer many more aesthetic and practical benefits than traditional lighting fixtures:

  1. They look good and emit a lot of light while maintaining the neat and clean look of a modern kitchen, living room or bathroom.
  2. They are versatile and can be installed anywhere if there is enough space for living.
  3. In practice, downlightscan be used individually to create solid lighting tasks or create an overall atmosphere.
  4. In the latter case, many people prefer the option of a dimmer switch, which changes the lighting level as needed.

When choosing a colour changing downlight over a traditional light, it is important to know how much and what light you need. Downlights should be at the same distance to ensure full coverage and avoid leaving the room parts in the dark. Many “thumb rules” can help you decide on the type and number you need.

Several different types of downlights have all their advantages. Fixed downlights cannot be adjusted and direct all their light down. LED downlights have a movable centre that can be tilted to adjust the direction of the tree and create foci in the room. Eyeball downlights are similar to gimbal curtains but offer a greater level of tree angle control. Finally, the wall mats have a hinged housing that can be rotated 90 degrees for a “wall wash” effect.

Colour changing downlight is some of the latest advances in recessed lighting technology that offer longer life, affordability and safety. While most traditional downlights can be retrofitted to LED bulbs, purchasing a fully integrated LED ceiling light is usually better. The LEDs are attached to the unit and cannot be removed but offer higher performance and reliability. One of the main problems of downlights is heat. Due to their design, most of the heat is generated by the ceiling light directed at the back of the unit, potentially posing a fire hazard, especially in underground rooms where they are close to flammable insulation. Because LED lights produce less heat, it is safer to use them in these places.


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