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What Makes A Comfortable Athletic Shoe For Supination?

Supination is the term used to describe an excessive inward roll of the foot as it moves through its gait cycle. This movement can cause several issues, including but not limited to: stress fractures and shin splints. A common misconception is that supination can be corrected by wearing shoes with more support or motion control features. However, this may make your supination worse due to increased pressure on joints and muscles when they are already overused from too much pronation (under-support).

To treat this and prevent further harm, a comfortable shoe for supination is essential to wear.

Best Supination Running Shoes (Overpronation)

Features of a supination running shoes

  • A wide-toe box. This allows you to spread your toes and work on foot strength. Supination running shoes with a small toe box can put pressure on the ball of your foot, which could cause pain or discomfort in the long run.
  • A low heel-to-toe drop. The lower this number is, the better it is for supinators. Most people who overpronate have high arches and need more cushioning under their feet to protect them from injury and discomfort associated with overpronation. It’s also essential that this feature be consistent throughout the shoe for supination. If one part has more padding than another, it’ll throw off your stride and make it harder for you to run downhill or uphill.
  • Cushioned sole: Cushioning absorbs shock upon impact so that there’s less strain on muscles throughout your body when working out at high-intensity levels during workouts such as sprints or hill repeats where the force applied equals force absorbed. If there isn’t enough cushioning, all those forces get transferred into joints instead!

Features Of Best Athletic Shoes For Supination: Cross-Training And Hiking

High-Stability Shoes

If you’re a supinator, you’ll likely benefit from high-stability shoes. These are designed specifically for runners with “supination,” another way of saying that their feet roll in excessively. The best athletic shoes for supination have a stiffer midsole and more cushioning than neutral running shoes, making them the ideal choice if your pronation is particularly severe. They also have a lower heel-to-toe drop, making it easier to run in while pushing your foot forward as quickly as possible at top speed.
best hiking shoes for supination

Pronation-Free Heel Cups And Shanks

Pronation-free heel cups and shanks are crucial for supination. The heel cup is the part of the best cross training shoes for supination that wraps around your heel, while the shank is what connects it to the midsole. This should be a single piece, not two separate pieces. You can determine if there’s too much pronation in your shoes by comparing them to these features:

  • If your shoe has a “break” or feels like there’s no support on your outer foot (which would indicate pronation), then you may need to try another athletic shoe with better support for supination.

Flex Grooves In The Best Hiking Shoes For Supination

Flex grooves are a feature in the best hiking shoes for supination that are designed to allow your foot to bend naturally. The flex grooves can be found in the forefoot section of a shoe, and they help your foot bend more easily when you’re running. Flex grooves give you more incredible speed on the court or field, which is why many athletes wear shoes with this design element.

Firm Midsoles

A firm midsole is the most common type of midsole in athletic shoes, and it’s the best choice for people with supination. That is because a firm midsole will provide more stability than a soft one, especially if you’re prone to injuries like ankle sprains.

Athletic shoe midsoles are often made from EVA foam or polyurethane and polyester compounds. These materials are lightweight, flexible, and durable—they won’t break down over time no matter how many miles you put on them (as you take care of them)—making them the best athletic shoe for supination.

If you have supination-pronation issues but don’t want to wear orthotics all the time, having a pair of shoes with appropriate support can help keep this tendency under control while still letting your feet do their thing.

Shoes with firm midsoles will help prevent supination by keeping your feet stable and close to the ground. They also provide excellent arch support, so you don’t roll outwards on uneven surfaces. Firm midsoles can be found on all types of athletic shoes and are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a supportive shoe but is still flexible enough to allow natural movement.

Heel Counters In The Best Cross Training Shoes For Supination

A heel counter in best cross training shoes for supination is a piece of material that wraps around the back of your shoe and helps to stabilize your foot. It provides additional support for those who suffer from overpronation, which is when your ankles roll inward as you walk or run (and can lead to severe injuries if left untreated).

You should use a shoe with a heel counter if:

  • You’ve had an injury or surgery on one or both ankles.
  • You have flat feet, high arches, or other issues with your foot structure that cause it to collapse inward during activity.
  • You’re training for an event like a marathon where there’s a heavy impact on each stride. This extra support can help prevent injuries from occurring during long runs by taking pressure off damaged areas like knees, hips, and backs while still allowing them room to move freely without causing pain in other areas, as well as reducing fatigue so you don’t have to stop running early because you’re too tired!


Many factors need to be considered when it comes to finding the perfect athletic shoe, such as the best hiking shoes for supination. The most important thing is finding something that feels good on your foot and can also support your specific needs. It’s always best to try out several different options before deciding which one suits you best.

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