What Does The Holter Monitor Test Sydney Include?


What Does The Holter Monitor Test Sydney Include?

The Holter Monitor is a portable electrocardiogram (ECG) used to continuously monitor a patient’s heart for up to 24 hours. Holter monitor test Sydney measures a patient’s heart health to detect any disease or abnormality. People usually are not aware of their heart condition, and they continue to live as it is; thus, they are not able to detect the diseases. Therefore, a Holter monitor test is recommended for them.

Why a Holter Monitor Test?

Holter Monitor checks heart rate as the patient continues with their normal daily activities. Holter Monitor usually assesses whether rhythm disturbances cause a patient’s symptoms.

It can be used to test the effectiveness of medications on heart rate.

Preparing for Holter Monitor Test

On the day when you are to be tested, doctors recommend the following

  • There are no specific food preparation tests
  • Take a shower before your time, as you may not be able to do so while the monitor is open.
  • Please do not use any body lotion to your chest – this may damage the adhesive electrodes.
  • ECG patterns and other physiological responses to exercise can be affected by various medications, so be sure to take your medications on the day of your appointment.
  • Then, the test will be performed according to the procedure.

What to Wear for Holter Monitor?

When you enter the examination room, you need to:

  • Take off your waist and wear a two-piece dress
  • Abusing the bra (turning on or off) during monitoring puts you at risk of removing electrodes and traces, so women are asked to commit not to wear a bra during monitoring or wear a bra for 24 hours without removing it.

Holter Monitor Test Connections

Patients are prepared for testing by:

  • Electrode pads on the chest are thoroughly cleaned with alcohol erasers
  • Some men have to shave their chest to ensure good electrical contact between the skin and the electrodes, which can be interrupted by body movements during the test.
  • The adhesive electrodes are then connected to the chest
  • Electrodes are connected to the track
  • Tracks provide clues for ECG recording
  • These tracks are then attached to a small monitor (about 8cm x 5cm x 2cm), worn around the neck.

What Happens During the Holter Monitor?

During the holter monitor test Sydney, the monitor will ring three times when the specialist connects the patient. The monitor will ring one more time about 10 minutes later. Depending on the surrounding noise level, you can or cannot hear the beep. Do not worry if you hear it or not.

The monitor has a green light that illuminates periodically during the entire monitoring period. It does not represent the rhythm of your heart. Patients often see the light at night as they prepare for bedtime. Don’t worry – this is normal.

If you have problems with equipment, please notify the office. If you experience any symptoms (even if they are short or short), you should write down the symptoms and time in a special diary entry provided on your paper.


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