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Victron Energy Quattro 5000 Watt 24v To 240v Inverter

The Victron Energy Quattro is a 24V to 240V inverter with a maximum continuous output power of 5000 watts. It has an AC voltage range of 108 VAC to 277 VAC and can handle up to 30A of current at 110 VAC nominal voltage. This inverter also features two inputs, one 120V DC input and another 24V DC input that allows you to run your appliances directly from your solar panels without the need for an additional battery bank or generator.

Power Output

The Quattro 5000W inverter has the power to meet your needs for basic home appliances, including TV and laptop computers, as well as tools like drills and saws. It offers a continuous output of up to 5kW (5000W) and an instantaneous peak capacity of 6kW (6000W). You’ll never have to worry about running out of juice when you’re working with this inverter; it can deliver up to 30 amps continuously with no load on the system.

The unit’s 24V DC input voltage is converted into 240V AC output voltage. The four power stages include a transformer stage that boosts incoming current from 24V DC to 48V DC then steps it down again into 120V AC through two large filter capacitors, producing clean pure sine wave AC power suitable for most household appliances including computers, televisions and even electric shavers!

Current output at AC nominal voltage

The current output at AC nominal voltage is 5.0A, 4.2A and 4.8A depending on the battery voltage and load conditions.


The Transformer is a part of the inverter that steps up the voltage from 24v to 240v. It is rated at 5kVA (5000 watts), meaning it can deliver 5000 watts when connected to a 240v supply.

The transformer has two terminals: primary and secondary. The primary terminal connects to your battery bank, while the secondary connects directly to your 240v appliances. The transformer converts the 24v battery power into 240v AC power for use by your home appliances.

240 Volt InverterTotal harmonic distortion (THD)

Total harmonic distortion (THD) is a measurement of the quality of a power supply. It’s a percentage of the total output voltage that is made up of harmonics. THD measures how much distortion there is on an AC waveform, which can cause problems with motors and other equipment.

A lower THD means that you are getting more pure power from your inverter, which will make it last longer and run smoother.

Low idle power consumption

The Quattro inverter is designed with a low idle power consumption. This means that even when the inverter is not powering an appliance, it still draws a small amount of power from your battery bank. To put this into perspective, the average household refrigerator uses around 1.5kW of continuous power and 2-3 times more on start-up. In other words, if you operated this appliance in a house without an inverter that only produces enough energy for light bulbs (around 100W), then you would need at least two large batteries to run it for 24 hours continuously!

The high efficiency works hand-in-hand with its low idle power consumption to give you great value from your solar array and battery bank over the long term. The lower your electric bill while off grid or camping; the longer they will last before requiring replacement or recharging by mains electricity

Input voltage range

The input voltage range is between 180 and 260 volts. If you are using the inverter in the United States, Canada or Mexico, it will work with a standard 120-volt AC household outlet.

If you’re using your inverter in Japan, we recommend using a step-down transformer with an input voltage range of 100 to 240 volts AC (50/60 Hz). The inverter will work fine with any power grid that falls within this range. However, if the input voltage is too low or high for optimum operation and performance of the unit (less than 90 VAC or more than 264 VAC), there will be some degradation of output power quality.

Charging system compatibility

The Quattro features a wide range of compatibility with other Victron products. The following charge controllers are compatible:

  • Victron BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controllers
  • Victron BlueSolar PWM Charge Controllers
  • Victron BlueSolar MPPT Plus Charge Controllers
  • Victron BlueSolar MPPT Lite Charge Controllers

Ambient temperature range (full load)

Ambient temperature range (full load) -30°C to +50°C

Storage temperature range -40°C to +60°C

Operating altitude range 0-5000m (16,400ft)

Operating humidity range 5% to 95% relative humidity.

Peak efficiency

Peak efficiency is the highest efficiency that can be achieved by a power converter. The peak efficiency is achieved at the maximum rated input voltage and output current, but not at maximum load.

The peak efficiency of an inverter is usually lower than its continuous or part-load efficiencies because of additional losses due to switching transients when they change the state of their output.

Protection class

The inverter has a protection class of IP21. This means that the inverter is protected against water jets from all directions, and also against dust. Additionally, it is protected against temporary immersion in water up to a maximum of one meter for 30 minutes. Finally, it is also protected against permanent immersion in water (IPX4).

Victron Energy Quattro 5000 Watt 24v To 240v Inverter

The Victron Energy Quattro 5000 Watt 24v To 240v Inverter can be used to power a wide variety of electrical devices, ranging from household appliances like refrigerators and microwaves to more industrial equipment. It has an output of up to 5000 watts at 12-24 volt input, so it can be used with a wide range of applications. The inverter is capable of producing up to 10,000 watts of surge power for short periods of time, allowing users to run even the most demanding devices.

The Victron Energy Quattro 5000 Watt 24v To 240v Inverter is equipped with numerous safety features that make your equipment safe and reliable:

  • Overload protection prevents damage from overloading the system by shutting off the circuit when too much current flows through it.
  • Short circuit protection prevents damage from short circuits by turning off the circuit if there are no loads connected or if there are high resistance loads connected (for example, when using an extension cord).
  • Low voltage disconnection allows you to set a minimum voltage threshold below which the inverter will switch off automatically before excessive strain is placed on components during startup (this feature applies only in countries where low voltage disconnection regulations apply).


With this Victron Quattro 5000 Watt 24v to 240v Inverter, you will get a powerful and efficient inverter that is perfect for your needs. This inverter comes with an aluminum case that can withstand the harsh environments. It features a digital display with backlit LCD, remote control, touchscreen capabilities and much more. The Victron Quattro 5000 Watt 24v To 240v Inverter offers you complete protection from overvoltage and undervoltage as well as short-circuit conditions by utilizing its dual-redundant design which ensures continuous operation even at extreme temperatures.

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