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How is the VY Commodore Alternator different from other alternators?

The VY Commodore Alternator has a built-in cooling fan that circulates air through the unit when you’re driving. It keeps the unit excellent to reduce strain and ensure it lasts longer than usual. The fan also reduces heat build-up inside the Alternator by circulating warm air from the inside (which would otherwise lead to overheating), thus ensuring your car’s electrical system remains healthy at all times!

The VY Commodore Alternator has a smaller-than-normal alternator with a more off-centre pulley and a very short belt.

The VY Commodore alternator is smaller than normal, and its pulley is off-centre. Also, the belt that drives the Alternator has a shorter path length than in other vehicles. It results in less drivetrain drag and better fuel economy.

That is how it works: your engine needs more power to maintain speed or acceleration when you drive at high speeds on highways. The VY Commodore’s lower idling speed means that it uses less energy while idling, which means more power can be applied to the wheels without increasing RPMs and burning extra fuel.

VY Commodore AlternatorTo remove the belt, use your shifter to get to the 6th gear and then hold the accelerator pedal down at about 2000 rpm.

Do not let it go up or down. Use a screwdriver to hold the pedal in place by wedging it under the rubber boot. Make sure you are positioned so that your hands are clear of any moving parts of the Alternator that may come out when removing or installing them (and if they do, don’t touch those either!).

Remove the coolant reservoir and top cover of the AC pulley using a 10mm socket (or wrench). Undo bolts on either side of the Alternator using a 17mm socket/wrench, remove bolts from either side with Allen key wrench on top mounting bracket that holds the Alternator in position – work alternator sideways out from under the car – remove the old belt from alternator pulley wheel and move bottom mounting bolt off with Allen key wrench.

Slide new belt on bottom mounting bolt and under alternator pulley wheel. Tighten the alternator pulley wheel with Allen key wrench (make sure it’s tight). Put the bottom mounting bolt back in place, and tighten bolts on either side of the Alternator using a 17mm socket/wrench. Replace the coolant reservoir cover & hose.

Firstly you need to remove the coolant reservoir and then undo the bolts on the top cover of the air conditioner pulley.

The Commodore alternator is different to some other alternators. It has a smaller-than-normal alternator with a more off-centre pulley and a very short belt. To remove the belt, use the shifter to get to the 6th gear, then hold the accelerator pedal down at about 30 % throttle position. At the same time, you rotate the pulley counterclockwise until the tensioner releases, pulling out the old belt and installing a new one in reverse order.

  1. Start the engine and let it run for about three minutes to ensure no electrical power is left in the Alternator.
  2. Turn the ignition off and disconnect the battery from the car to prevent any electrical shock.
  3. Remove the alternator belt by removing the two bolts holding it, loosen the pulley nut with a wrench and remove it from the shaft by turning counterclockwise. 
  4. Replace both belts if worn or cracked, reattach the alternator belt to its mounting points on the engine and tighten down all fasteners securely.

There are two holes on either side of the Alternator in which a couple of spanners are.

Now, you need to remove the fan shroud and fan. To do this, you will need to use a couple of spanners. The first one is used to undo the bolts on either side of the Alternator. Then, it would help if you undid the top mounting bolt using another couple of spanners. After taking off these three bolts, use an Allen key at the bottom. That will bring it up higher again so that you can take off your belt and finally pull out your Alternator from its housing.

Once you have removed your Alternator, you need to place it on a workbench. You can then use an Allen key to remove the fan shroud from the Alternator. There are two bolts at either end of this shroud, so ensure they are both undone before eliminating it.

Essential features of VY V6 Alternator.

A VY V6 Alternator is a must for your car. It is responsible for charging the battery. The Alternator is a small electric generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to supply energy to run your vehicle’s electrical devices and accessories. Alternators are used in cars and trucks, so they have a lower voltage than the battery to ensure safety when charging.

Alternators are typically located at the front of the engine and can be attached to the outer cover or directly to the engine block. In some vehicles, you will find two batteries: a starter battery and an auxiliary battery.

Then remove the top mounting bolt and use an Allen key at the bottom. It will bring it up higher again.

Now you can access the belt from below, remove it and then remove the Alternator by removing three bolts on each side. There are two types of alternators: VY V6 and VY V8 Alternator.

The Commodore Alternator is different from other alternators because it has a Thermostatic Fan Control (TFC). It means your fans will only turn on when they need to cool your engine after starting up in sweltering conditions. Most car owners only know how important this feature is once they have problems with their vehicle because their fans don’t work correctly!

Remove the old Alternator, replace it with a new one, and reinstall all parts in reverse order.

To remove the old Alternator, you must first release the tension on one alternator mounting bolt. To do this, use an Allen key at the bottom of the bracket and turn it clockwise until you can see that the top mounting bolt has been released. Then take off this upper bolt entirely and any other bolts holding your current Alternator in place; these will have to be removed for your new one to fit correctly.

Once all these have been removed, lift out your old Alternator and inspect it for damage or wear (if any). Then carefully clean off any dirt from its terminals with a wire brush or scouring pad and apply some dielectric grease before reassembling them into place on your new VY Commodore alternative component. The next step is installing it again by reversing these steps in reverse order: reinstalling all parts in reverse order.

Lastly, look at the online workshop manual for Commodore alternator removal steps.

The workshop manual is a document that contains step-by-step instructions on how to do a specific task. It is usually written by an expert who has performed the job before and knows how to do it safely and efficiently.

Look at these documents in reverse order if you need help understanding them, as they may be written in a way that requires knowledge of previous steps before proceeding with later ones.

Use these steps and follow the workshop manual while replacing your Commodore Alternator.

Here are the steps to properly replace your Alternator:

  • Make sure you have a workshop manual for your vehicle and all the right tools before you start. If you have these, it could be easy for you to complete the job.
  • Disconnect the battery cables from their terminals and place them safely so they won’t come into contact with any metal parts of your vehicle’s engine bay or other electrical components or cables. It will prevent short circuits when working on your Alternator later in this process, which could damage other components by shorting out their circuits (or even cause an explosion).
  • Locate your old Alternator on your car using our illustrations above so that we can safely remove it without damaging anything else nearby, such as brake lines or fuel lines, etcetera.


The Commodore alternator is different from other alternators because it has flexible voltages, which you can use in all kinds of vehicles.

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