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How E Waste Recycling Melbourne is Carried Out?

How E Waste Recycling Melbourne is Carried Out?

Have you wondered what happens to your old electrical appliances after taking them to a recycling centre? Since the introduction of international regulations in 2007, waste disposal companies have made it their primary goal to recycle as much waste as possible rather than dispose of it in a landfill.

Ensuring e waste recycling Melbourne and reusing our electronic products is extremely important. In our fast-moving technology society, it is fair to say that we are producing a massive amount of e-waste. Below, we answer a few intriguing questions about electronic waste management and why sending your e-waste to a reputable waste disposal specialist is so important.

What Happens If E-Waste is not Recycled?

If e-waste goes to a landfill, hazardous and toxic substances can leak, causing water and soil pollution. This can be very dangerous for wildlife, human health and the environment. Apart from this, there is also a growing problem with useless waste disposal companies that send e-waste overseas.

Discarded electronics are exported overseas to countries such as China, India and Nigeria, where informal recycling workers use basic techniques to extract valuable metals and components. Then they sell the parts and burn the rest – not just the most dangerous workplace, but the workers who earn less for their dangerous work. Employees are risking their lives so that high-quality companies can develop new gadgets and take a more significant share of the profits.

What Covers E-Waste?

Many people are not yet aware that electronic gadgets can be recycled. Although large quantities of electrical products are purchased each year – a number that only grows with technological advancement – only a tiny percentage of these are taken for recycling. Anything from cell phones, computers and TVs to kitchen appliances can be taken to your local recycling centre and placed in an e-waste bin. Each electronic item contains various items, which means that there are several different uses of recycled e-waste.

What Happens To E-Waste In The Recycling Area?

So, you’re done with what you can put in an e-waste bin, but what happens next? From the recycling centre, specialized waste disposal companies are taking discarded electrical products into the recycling industry into smaller pieces. Once disassembled, the magnetic field releases metals, such as metal, and non-metallic metals are assembled using electric currents. The plastic elements are sorted into categories using various methods, such as infrared light or density separation.

What Can Be Made From Recycled E-Waste?

If we were to list all the things that can be done using e-waste, we would be here for a very long time. E-waste is an essential sustainability tool – Here are three examples of how it can be reused:

  • Game consoles: The device inside the consoles can also be used for computer cases, car parts and beams. Circuit boards contain a variety of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. These can also be processed into jewellery or mobile components.
  • Cell Phones: The precious metals found in phones can be reused in other electronic products. The zinc present in mobile phones has a variety of interesting uses – it can be metallic, mixed with copper to make copper or used to stop rust on ships.

Professionals can handle e waste recycling Melbourne responsibly for your business in the South West. Their professional services comply with all applicable government guidelines, so you should never have to worry about your business debt.

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